2016 in Review

Dear Dream Haiti Friends,

We are so thankful for you and how you have been a great help to us for the year of 2016. We have accomplished many new and exciting things with your help and generosity. Thank you to those of you who donated toward our programs: Kids Club, Sponsorship, Feeding Program, Leadership Training etc. Thank you to those of you who think of us and pray for us regularly. We value each prayer and word of encouragement you all have offered up to us.

Here are some highlights from 2016:

  1. Our leadership team that runs our Kid’s Club has grown from 20 to 30 people.
  2. Our Team Leaders have grown from 5 to 8 people. (Our team leaders oversee the kid’s program and sponsorship program in Haiti)
  3. Our Kid Club averages about 70 kids each week and when we serve our monthly meal we average up to 200 kids!
  4. This year we have had eight children sponsored from our kid’s program, which has allowed them to continue their schooling for 2016!
  5. We secured land in La Chapelle, Haiti! This is where we plan to build our Educational/ Community Center.
  6. We now have a Board of Directors in the U.S. comprised of five people with hearts for Haiti and for the Lord.
  7. We are now an official Incorporation in New York State! Special thanks to theWELLbuffalo for allowing us to start as a ministry of the church until we have gotten to this stage in our development.

What a great work God has done in just one year! We are excited for what lies ahead, which leads us to some BIG news!

Phase 1 of Construction

We are taking the next step in our ministry by going to Haiti to start PHASE 1 of construction. La Chapelle, Haiti is a largely rural area. It is filled with natural beauty, scenic mountain views and lots of lush greenery. However, due to limited development in this area, in order to receive teams and have a space for our community classes, we need to build from the ground up. Therefore, we will be starting PHASE 1 of construction by building a bathroom and shower room, a room and bordering wall for security. This building is the start to our bigger vision of an educational center and place for individuals to come and serve with us. The cost of the project is $20,100. We have already raised/ saved $7,000 and are in need of $13,100. Would you like to continue to support the ministry of Dream Haiti by donating toward this construction project? We will start in March and have faith that God will provide for us to begin this process as he has laid this specific timing on our hearts. This building project will create jobs for 10 Haitian people in the community of La Chapelle for 1 month and it will serve as a reminder to the community of what is to come!

Thank you for your continued prayers as God makes these dreams he has given us into a reality. May God guide you and bless you as you follow in his steps to love, serve and act on behalf of his children in need.

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