November 4th, Date-Night Dinner, 2017

Dream Haiti Date-Night Dinner


We, at Dream Haiti, are so thankful for all who attended our first Date-Night Dinner on November 4th! It was a great success and would not have been possible without the many individuals who helped along the way. Thank you to all of our event sponsors and each individual who invested in our vision through a donation, as well as each volunteer who gave of their time and energy. A special recognition goes to each person on our planning committee: Allison R. Garvey, Sarah & Dan Strozewsky, Kimberly & Josh Palermo, Chef Neal Plazio and Karen Polizzi. We are so grateful for our team and the dedication, hard work and hours of fun that went into the creation of this event! Please see a complete list below of all the individuals who helped make our event possible. Stay turned for a highlight video of our fundraiser event coming soon!

The funds we were able to raise from this event are going towards Phase 2 construction, which has already begun! We are building a facility, which will allow us to better serve the community by providing classes and house guests who come to serve with us. We hope and pray for this building to be a cornerstone in the community of God’s faithfulness and love for his people. Pray with us!

Thank you to our sponsors for helping to make our event a success!
Market in the Square
Boulevard Produce
Affinity Group InFusion
Dan’s Produce
Home Depot
Guitar Factory
Jim’s Steak Out
KB Holding
A special thank you to UB Catering for allowing us to use their kitchen space!
Thank you to these individuals for their generous donations:
Kim & Josh Palermo
Neal Plazio
Dan & Sarah Strozewski
Chris & Peggy Strozewski
Linda G
Teddy Jewitt
Lori Linde
Nick & Brittany Valvo
Jill Karczewski
Karen Polizzi
Phase 2 Construction

Phase 2 construction has begun! Ismail and Bethany arrived in Haiti November 7th and began phase 2 of construction shortly after. This is what has been accomplished so far:
-Iron Poles
-Cement Floor
-Block Walls
-Electricity Installation

Below are some pictures of construction.

We are very excited for our facility to be completed but we still have a ways to go. Now that the foundation is finished, we will be working on the walls and ceiling, which we hope to complete within the next week. This will bring us to the half way mark. What’s next? The finishing touches, such as flooring, tiles for bathroom, windows, doors and furniture, appliances and fixtures to make it a livable space. If you would like to give towards our building fund please make a tax deductible donation online at www.dreamhaiti1.wpengine.com/donate. We appreciate your involvement!

Beginning Stages of Our School in La Chapelle

On November 27th, we had the opportunity to meet with the parents from the village of Jeannin, which is our focus village within the town of La Chapelle. We met with the parents to survey their needs and get their feedback as we prepare for our school in September 2018. We are also using this information to determine which grade levels to start with. The parents were very excited about the prospect of a school in their local area. As of now, there is no school in Jeannin. Several families are currently sending their children to school outside of their village, and several are not able to send their children to school at all. Many of the parents were concerned with the quality of education that their children are receiving and desire a high quality education for their young ones. It is our goal to provide the best possible education for the children in Jeannin Haiti by September 2018. Please pray with us as we continue to research and develop what will be our primary school.

Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday! If you are looking to a chance to give back to a worthwhile cause consider Dream Haiti. We are a grass roots effort that aims to empower Haitian people in their own communities. Our area of focus is La Chapelle and Source-Matelas, Haiti. We have many goals for this coming year as we focus on our efforts to build a facility and school in La Chapelle, Haiti. This will enable us to serve this area through community classes, spreading resources on health and hygiene, sharing of the gospel and raising up leaders. Any donations made to Dream Haiti are tax deductible and go to support our efforts to educate and empower individuals in Haiti. Thank you for considering us in your pursuit to give back! Happy Giving Tuesday!

For all donations please visit our website www.dreamhaiti1.wpengine.com to learn more about your giving options.

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