Our Dreams

Community Education Center

We are currently working towards the development of a community center in La Chapelle, Haiti. Northern Haiti is a rural area with very few facilities, schools, medical centers and businesses. Ismail, founder of Dream Haiti, was born in Northern Haiti and has a deep desire to see change emerge in this geographical region.

It is our dream to work alongside our Haitian communities in the North and together create a better future for generations to come. We believe this is possible by focusing on education and partnering with those in the community. Our purpose for this center is to be a centralized location which people from the surrounding area can access for community classes, basic healthcare needs or referrals, workshops/ trainings, and agriculture and business initiatives.

Community Classes:

  • Emergency care / First Aid
  • Hygiene and Nutrition
  • English as a Second Language
  • Leadership and Discipleship Classes
  • Bible Classes / Studies
  • Business and Computer Skills
  • Trade/ Vocational Development

Primary and Secondary School

We would like to establish a primary and secondary school in La Chapelle, Haiti where there is a lack of quality schools. Our plan is to start with preschool classes and grow the school by adding a new grade or two each year. As a part of our school we wish to further develop our sponsorship program to help cover expenses and make it accessible to the community. Most schools in Haiti are tuition based and most families do not have the funds to send their kids to school. It is our goal to allow families to pay an amount they are able to pay so they have ownership in their child’s education, while using support from sponsors or larger donors to make up the cost.

Job Creation

In Haiti, finding work is often times very difficult as jobs are greatly limited in number compared to the population. Education gives people an advantage in the job search, however, there are still many people with valuable skills, especially in the arts, and many entrepreneurs all throughout Haiti, who struggle to earn a decent living. We are committed to job creation and this is one of long-term goals. Please stay in touch with us to see how we progress in this area.

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