Our Building


Phase I construction began in March 2017. Phase 1 included leveling the land, building a surrounding wall along the property line, a bathroom and storage room.


Phase II began in November 2017. During Phase II we built the first level of our community center. It consists of 2 large spaces/ rooms, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms and 2 storage rooms. We also installed a transformer, which provides electricity to our property when it is available from the city power. A plumbing and septic system was also created.


Plumbing Installation


Roof Installation



First Level

More to Come

In May 2018, we completed the smoothing of the walls to get it ready for our school. This first level of our building will be used to start a preschool in September of 2018, the beginnings of our primary school in La Chapelle, Haiti! We are grateful for all who have helped us complete Phase 1 and 2 of construction. More photos coming soon!


Phase III

Phase III commenced in 2019 and is almost completed. Phase III consists of the second level of the building. To get a glimpse of Phase III, here is a mock up of what the second level will look like.


If you would like to give towards Phase III, you can go to our donate page and mark your donation for “Building/ Construction Fund”.

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