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The Need for Quality and Accessible Education

In Haiti there are three levels (years) of preschool before grade 1; preschool 1, 2, and 3. Only around 23% of children have access to preschool and this is foundational for the later years of schooling, especially if the child’s parents have not had the opportunity to attend school or have a limited education. Another barrier to education is the cost for schooling as Haiti does not operate on a free public education policy. La Chapelle is a rural part of Haiti in the Artibonite region. The rural population in Haiti is less educated than urban areas. We are committed to seeing the area of La Chapelle develop in the area of education. For $40 a month, you can help to make a difference in the life of a child in La Chapelle, Haiti for generations to come.

How Sponsorship Works for the Dream Haiti School Esclane-Daniel

Sponsors are matched with a student when they sign up. Although sponsors are paired with a particular student, monthly/ yearly support goes towards supplementing the overall cost of the school and for the student body as a whole so no student is left out. Your sponsorship will go towards the cost of books, supplies, food, uniforms, and general education costs for students attending Dream Haiti School Esclane-Daniel. For more frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ’s here.

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