Current Programs

Kid’s Club, Children’s Outreach and Mentorship Program

Each Saturday we run a children’s program for the kids in our community. During this time, children learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ both in word and in action. They gather together with team leaders to play games, build social skills, connect with other children and adults in their community, hear about God’s heart for them, learn life skills and share a meal together. Currently, we have about 70-100 children involved each week.

  • Kid’s Club North: Our kid’s program in La Chapelle location. Takes place every other Saturday.
  • Kid’s Club West: Our kid’s program in Source-Matelas. Takes place every Saturday.

Student Sponsorship Program

Haiti does not have free public education and there are many children who cannot afford to attend school. Therefore we have developed a sponsorship program designed to invest in the lives and futures of children in our kid’s ministry. For children who are unable to afford school costs, we partner with individuals who share in our vision of empowering youth through education to help send children to school. School costs include tuition, books and supplies, uniforms and transportation costs.

Leadership Development Training

Our overall purpose is to empower the people of Haiti and we believe this can be done by raising up leaders within the community. Our leadership training class meets once a week to help develop leadership skills based on biblical principles. The individuals who attend put their leadership skills to use in practical ways as they help oversee and participate in our kid’s ministry on a weekly basis. We have between 15-25 individuals who participate in our leadership classes on a weekly basis.

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