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In 2013, Ismail and Bethany met for the first time as they served together in Haiti. Originally from Northern Haiti, Ismail’s vision has always been to help the people of Haiti discover their gifts and pour them back into the community. After her first visit, Bethany’s life was changed from the children and people she met. She felt led to continue the work in Haiti by assisting Ismail with his vision. As they worked together to build Dream Haiti, God confirmed that he brought them together for a bigger purpose: to carry out the vision as one. On March 12th, 2016, Ismail and Bethany married in Buffalo, NY.

Bethany has earned her degree in Inclusive Childhood Education at Houghton College. She has taught ESL and worked within the nonprofit sector for over five years. Music is one of her passions and can be seen in her involvement both within and outside the walls of the church. She is a singer-songwriter from Buffalo, NY and has led worship since the age of 15 in various churches within the Buffalo area.

Ismail has worked and volunteered with various organizations and churches in Haiti since 2003. He studied at Fisher’s of Men Seminary in Haiti and has taken coursework in Business Admin. One of his dreams is to lead conferences to teach and inspire people to live an effective and full life. He has participated in various conferences on leadership development and has used his knowledge to build up leaders in Haiti. Ismail and Bethany are committed to embodying the heart of God as they work to empower the people of Haiti and serve wherever needed.

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