Construction Update: Phase 1 and Future Progress


March Construction 

From March 16- April 1st construction was taking place in La Chapelle Haiti. We are happy to report that we finished everything we wanted to accomplish in Phase 1! We were able to build a bathroom, shower room, depot, make a footer and build the entire wall around our property line. This is a huge accomplishment that would have never been accomplished without the help of our community both here in the states and in Haiti.

We were able to employ 20 local Haitian construction workers and 2 cooks during our time. The dedication of the individuals who helped with construction was humbling. God provided strength, provision, and resources through the help of individual donors and prayer partners like you. Thank you for taking action with us and believing in the vision of empowering local Haitian communities. We cannot wait to see the community center take shape and eventually the classes, community support and collaboration that will take place on this ground as construction continues. If you would like to be a part of Phase 2, continue reading to see how you can get involved.

Watch our Phase 1 Video:

 Invite Us to Share 

We are looking for more churches, businesses and organizations to partner with. If you would like us to come share our vision with your church, community, organization or business, please email bethany@dreamhaiti.org. We look forward to visiting you! To learn more about who we are and what we do, check out our website here:

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 Become a Dreamer in Action Through Giving 

Are you like us and enjoy dreaming up ways to make the world a better place? Or maybe you don’t consider yourself the “dreamer” type but like to give back? Maybe you just love cool prizes! If any of these people are you, we have something you’ll love.

For the month of July we are giving back to show our appreciation for monthly givers.

1. For anyone who decides to sign up for monthly giving of $50-$99 each month, we will be giving away our new Dreamer T’s, available in gray, olive green and indigo blue.

Give Monthly Here

2. For those who decide to sign up for monthly giving of $100 or more each month, we will be giving away amazing pieces of Haitian metal art. 

Give Monthly Here

If you have been thinking of giving, now is a great time to start as we are nearing Phase 2 of construction. The more support we have behind us the more we can accomplish together. We have always been a grassroots organization, founded on a simple dream and on the premise that alone we can accomplish little but together we can accomplish more than we could ever imagine. Please join with us. Become a dreamer in action and see how God can move with a single act of faith.
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