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Dream Haiti School of Success

Our preschool is now open as of Fall 2018! Our school will eventually grow into a primary & secondary school as we add new grade levels each year. In Haiti there are three levels (years) of preschool before grade 1; preschool 1, 2, and 3. We will be starting with preschool 1, 2 and 3. Our student population is around 40 students. We have three teachers, an assistant and School Coordinator. You can take part in this exciting new venture by becoming a sponsor.

Read more about the opening of our school in our newsletter!

Our Beginnings

Since 2015, we have invested in the lives and futures of children within our children’s ministry by starting a sponsorship program. We found there were many children in our kid’s club that were in danger of dropping out of school due to costs. Our original sponsorship program was intended to help students who were already enrolled in a school within their community stay in school. These schools are not affiliated with Dream Haiti. However, we are still committed to maintaining our relationship with students who are a part of our outside school sponsorship program. Please note that any children currently sponsored through our previous sponsorship program will still continue to receive assistance. We are excited to grow our sponsorship program to now include students from our new school, Dream Haiti School of Success!

What is school like in Haiti?

Unlike the U.S., school in Haiti is not free. Families pay a tuition fee per child each year, which can cost up to several hundred dollars per year, depending on the school and grade. In addition, schools require students to wear uniforms and each child must buy their own books for the year. Transportation is also an additional cost, which many families cannot afford. If the school is not within walking distance, students ride the public transportation (Tap Tap or motorcycle) to school each day. Since we believe education is essential to empowering people in Haiti, our sponsorship program has been developed to help cover some of the costs of sending children in our community to school.

How does the Dream Haiti School Sponsorship Program work?

Starting in the fall of 2018, you can sponsor a child from our new preschool, Dream Haiti School of Success!

Sponsorship money is combined with other sponsors to help offset the cost of sending children in our community to school. The money goes towards tuition costs, uniforms, books, food, transportation to and from school, and cost of sponsor packets. It may also go to any of our other education based initiatives for the children in the community. As a key part of our sponsorship program, sponsors have the opportunity to establish and develop a personal relationship with an individual child whom they help send to school. For more specific information on the Dream Haiti School of Success visit our student sponsorship page.

We also have a new option as of 2018 to sponsor a teacher. This allow donors to give a larger donation each month that invests in the school and staff salaries. To learn more about sponsoring a teacher, visit our teacher sponsorship page for more details.

How much of my monthly school sponsorship donation goes to sending a child to school?

All of the money goes towards sending a child to school, our overall sponsorship program and education initiatives that are for the children in the community. The sponsorship program helps cover costs of tuition, uniforms and books for school, food, school supplies and transportation to and from school, along with staff salaries. A very small portion of the sponsorship money goes to help cover costs of making the sponsor packets and correspondence letters as well.

How do I communicate with my sponsor child?

We do most of our correspondence via email. This saves time and money. You will not have to wait on the international mail system. Instead, we encourage sponsors to email us letters at sponsor@dreamhaiti.org. Then, we send it to our team in Haiti, they translate it into Creole, and deliver it to your sponsor child. After they receive the letter, they will reply, it will again be translated and emailed or mailed back and delivered to the sponsor. Please allow for up to a month of processing time. We also mail our sponsors update letters from their student at least one time a year.

How often can I email my sponsor child?

We encourage sponsors to email their child not more than every two months because we are a small organization and do not have enough staff to take on more than that at the current time. We also ask that you keep your letters within two paragraphs long to ensure a quick reply. However, we want our sponsors to get to know their sponsor child and family so we absolutely encourage consistent communication.

How do I give?

Simply go to our Student Sponsorship page and click on the link to “Sponsor a Student” or “Sponsor a Teacher”. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and there you will find the sponsorship application where you will be able to choose your payment of $40/ month or $480 annually for a student. For a teacher, the amount is $100/month, or $1200 annually. You can now view all your payments through our login portal after you create your account.

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