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On September 10th, 2018 we opened our school in La Chapelle, Haiti. Our school is located in the smaller village of Jeannin . For our first year we have enrolled 35 students and have employed three teachers, one director and a teacher assistant. Our school is foundational to our vision as we focus on empowering each student by developing their knowledge base, capacity and unique gifts.


In 1989, Ismail Succes Jean Baptiste was born in the village of La Chapelle, Haiti. Nine years later, Ismail’s mom would move with her 3 children to a village outside of Port-Au-Prince in order for her kids to receive a quality education. Although there was a school in La Chapelle at the time, it was not affordable to the majority of people in the area and did not compare to the quality of schools located in and around Port-Au-Prince.

Ismail received a quality education in Titayen (a village outside of the capital) at a Christian school, where he was given the opportunity to learn more about Jesus and would later go on to pursue higher education at a Bible School in Port- Au-Prince. He accepted Christ at the age of 12 at a church in the community. Starting in high school, Ismail became involved in ministry and leadership positions and discovered his gift as a teacher. He realized everyone has been created with a God-given gift and he felt a strong desire to help others discover their gifts through leadership development and education programs.

In 2013, Ismail met his wife, Bethany who was visiting Haiti. After just a week long visit, Bethany knew she was meant to do more than return to life as usual. With her background in education and nonprofit work, she and Ismail partnered together to form what is now Dream Haiti. Finally, in 2018, the couple started School Esclane-Daniel, in La Chapelle, Haiti in honor of Ismail’s mother and the children in need of accessible, quality education.

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