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The Need for High Quality Teachers

There is a shortage of qualified teachers in Haiti and the majority of teachers do not receive any kind of preservice training. We are committed to hiring qualified teachers for our school and working with teachers to provide trainings, orientations and ongoing professional development that Haitian teachers deserve and desire. Many teachers in Haiti are also underpaid for their work and as an organization that believes in empowering individuals, our teacher and staff salaries reflect our vision by providing quality wages and benefits to our employees. You can join us in making a difference in the life of a teacher through your sponsorship at $100/ month. Please note that this amount does not reflect the total salary of a teacher but is a portion of the monthly salary.

How Teacher Sponsorship Works

Sponsorship for teachers helps to pay for teacher salaries and educational expenses that benefit the teachers, such as trainings, supplies and resources. The sponsorship amount represents a portion of the salary that will be combined with other funding. Sponsors will receive updates on the school and teachers as a part of their sponsorship commitment.

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